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September 2013 Heritage Day and Working Horse Event.  The fourth event on Telscombe Tye.  Not so lucky with the weather this year but another event enjoyed by all - until it started raining!

March 2013 - Telscombe Tye featured in the press - TV, newspapers and magazine for a feature on dogs worrying sheep.

February 2013 - Mega Scrub Bash.  A group of over 20 volunteers gathered together for a weekend of scrub clearance up on the e-Piece.  A large area of scrub was cleared which will hopefully grow back as wildflower rich chalk grassland over the next few years..

September 2012 - Heritage Day and Working Horse Event on Telscombe Tye, followed by Fireworks. The third event and great weather and a fantastic turnout for the Tye and the Village.  Morris dancers, stands, displays, cart rides.

March 2012 - Telscombe Tye dewpond. The refurbishment of Telscombe Tye dewpond has been completed and the pond filled thanks to the East Sussex Fire Service. We look forward to the wildlife returning to the pond in the coming months.

24th September 2011 - Working Horse Event held on Telscombe Tye with sowing of wildflower seed, cart rides, kite-flying and refreshments.

17th August 2011 - BBC Radio Sussex - John Carden interviewed again about the wildflowers on the Tye in relation to the new Millenium Seed Bank project.  Listen again on BBC iPlayer (next 7 days only) - article starts around 1hr in, John is on around 1:30.

2nd June 2011 - BBC Radio Sussex our very own John Carden spoke about the results of the seeding last year and the swath of flowers that have now appeared where the bunding was.  Listen again on BBC iPlayer (for the next 7 days only).

25th September 2010 - WORKING HORSE DAY on Telscombe Tye, starting at 10.30 am.  Follow the horses and help plant the seed.  Ice cream and light refreshments will be available.  Cart rides are available for children and adults.  All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you there.

31st March 2010 - South Downs becomes the tenth designated National Park in the UK.  The National Park Authority will officially take over in April 2011.  Telscombe Tye is included in the Park area and is one of the few areas where the Downs meets the sea. Map of the SDNP.

April 2009 - Report produced on "The historic issues and management of Telscombe Tye". Now available to read and download from the Telscombe Council website

31st March 2009 - South Downs National Park announced. The decision for the proposed South Downs National Park is confirmed. This includes the whole of Telscombe Tye within it's boundary - include the strip of land south of the A259 coast road. A detailed map of the proposed boundary can be found on the Natural England website - Peacehaven 1:25000 map.

16th October 2007 - Inaugural meeting of the Tye Commons Committee.As a result of a public meeting held in September, the Tye Commons Committee was created to represent various groups and organisations with an interest in Telscombe Tye to discuss and agree action regarding use, management and protection of the Tye.





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