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The Friends of Telscombe Tye


Tye (local) n. an area of common land or pasture. [OE teag; cf ON teigr strip of land]

The Friends of Telscombe Tye Conservation Group was formed in early 2004. We bring together people of different ages, interests and backgrounds but we all have one thing in common - a wish to play a role in protecting and enhancing the natural environment of Telscombe Tye.

The Tye remains one of the few places on the South Downs, west of Seaford, where the Downs landscape meets the sea. If you live in and around the area and use and enjoy the Tye on a regular basis, whether for dog walking, exercise or just to enjoy it, why not become a member and support us in our work.

The Friends also carry out a range of tasks on the Tye, from litter picking to scrub clearance, weed pulling to plant and animal surveys. Leadership and skills training is also given by the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV).

What do we want from members? - mainly your support and enthusiasm! Everyone has some skill or ability of value to the group, all we want is for people to contribute in their own way and at their own pace or just show us your support for the place you live and for the wonderful Tye.  Help us keep it that way.

You don't have to be fit or experienced, just willing - we'll be happy to see you.


If you see any problems with sick or injured ewes or lambs - you can contact Tim Armour on 01273 302486.  He is responsible for the grazing sheep, including the Telscombe Community flock - the black-faced Suffolk sheep.

Telscombe Town Council own the Tye on behalf of the residents of Telscombe Cliffs and East Saltdean.  Contact them during office hours for any problems relating to the Tye.




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